Delivering local products in the greater California Northern Bay Area since 1978


A natural foods and dairy products distributor to retailers and restaurants in the greater North Bay area.

Dairy Delivery began operation in 1978. The company was founded as a means to provide locally sourced duck eggs and goat milk from family farms to small stores and coops in the Sonoma County area. As demand grew for local, clean, natural products, so did Dairy Deliveries list of products as well as territory. Being one of the first trucks to take Clover Sonoma Farms to stores in the Bay area, has always been one of our finest accomplishments.

Dairy Delivery continues to diligently work to provide the highest quality products, most of which are very local to the greater bay area. It is our mission to uphold the best of quality standards in both delivery, warehousing and customer satisfaction. And most of all provide a good workplace for all our employees.